What do you do if you hate school or find it boring? You create your own.

That’s what some students did at the Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Under the leadership of 12th grader, Sam Levin, the students designed and participated in a school-within-a-school, dubbed the Independent Project.

They got rid of grades, test scores, classes and even teachers (as lecturers). Instead, they learned what they wanted to learn and tried to answer questions that arise from their own curiosity. The entire semester is built around weekly presentations and major projects that they design for themselves.

Within this setup, teachers serve the role of mentors and facilitators.

This unique experiment has helped participating students discover their own passion for learning and proved to educators and parents alike that schools can be radically different than the way they are designed now.

Above is a short documentary I made to show how the Independent Project works.

If you’re interested in joining other students and educators in replicating this model, head on over to the Facebook group created for this video.

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