The best projects of today’s Social Creatives defy easy categorization. That is especially the case with Living on One, a project launched by four American college students to create awareness of extreme poverty.

It is first and foremost an artistic (film) project to tell stories of the 1.1 billion people living on one dollar or less a day. But a key hook of their endeavor is the challenge they issue themselves – that they too would live on a dollar a day. Not only does it help them build trust with the people they’re profiling, it gives them a deeper understanding of what life in extreme poverty is really like.

Lastly, Living on One is also a research project to understand the financial lives of the extreme poor – how they earn, save and spend money – and the innovations that are making a real impact. They hope this research will lead to better insights of what solutions we need to support and scale.

The team has just completed their first documentary on their summer in Guatemala. They’re now taking the film on tour and plotting the next adventure – in Africa.

I’ve written about their project at the Huffington Post. Check it out.

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  1. I think this is an awesome project, i have launched a competition to help build a resource library of alternative ways to finance projects to help young people, and perhaps you can share some of your learning in guatemalas.


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