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Social Creatives: A New Chapter - Social Creatives

One year after launching Social Creatives, I have completely overhauled the concept and purpose of this website. I hope you like it.

Social Creatives is now designed to be a launchpad for your own world-changing projects. It provides inspiration, tools and resources to help you answer that fundamental question, “How can I contribute to a better world?

It’s not an easy question but it’s not an impossible one either. It’s not the same as asking, “How do we solve climate change?” or “What is the meaning of life?”

Figuring out how you can contribute and make a difference is a personal question, not a theoretical one. Only you can come up with the answer.

As you’ll see over and over again on this site, the answers are as varied as the people behind them. All types of individuals are creating change in their own unique ways – students, stay-at-home moms, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

Change is not a profession. It’s a calling and a practice that spans all human endeavors. Regardless of where you find yourself, there are opportunities for you to contribute and make a difference.

In that spirit, this website has three main goals:

1) Showcase diverse projects
We learn by example. The more we can expose you to the wide range of projects that others have initiated to create change, the sooner inspiration will strike. Browse the Projects section, watch the videos and immerse yourself in the stories of others. Let their inspiration guide you. We will feature new projects on an ongoing basis and tease out the lessons we can learn from each one.

 2) Provide tools for action
By definition, “social creatives” are people of action. Sooner or later, you’ll want to roll up your sleeves and start doing things yourself. That’s when the real fun begins. We’ve started creating tools that make the process easier. Take a look. More are on their way.

3) Connect you to valuable resources
Through our blog, we will showcase resources and opportunities that we think are especially helpful to change agents. Subscribe to our blog posts via email if you are interested. (See box in right column.)

Of course, every project is distinct and has unique needs. If you feel compelled to reach out to us for help, we’ll be more than happy to learn about your project and offer mentorship assistance where we can.

We welcome any feedback, suggestions or even critique that you may have for this website. We look forward to featuring your project someday soon.

Charles Tsai
Executive Director


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  • Social Creatives™ provides inspiration, tools and resources to help individuals “master the art of change.” We develop ebooks, toolkits, websites and workshops that teach changemaking, entrepreneurship and social innovation. We use this website to highlight the many different ways others have applied those skills – to create new possibilities and make a difference.